casa NK

residential . 2019

Built to be home to a family, the house was meant to be a place of refuge close to the city of São Paulo. There was nothing built on the land, which allowed for freedom to design, on a 525m² (5,651ft²) plot – the house built-up area is 400m² (4,305ft²). The plan was to make the most of natural lighting, cross ventilation, and the presence of nature inside the house.

The project accommodated five suites, swimming pool, gourmet area, kitchen, home office, living room and service bedroom, and was divided into two floors. Upstairs, there are intimate rooms, and on the ground floor, there are social rooms. Upstairs, there are suites and the intimate living room, and on the ground floor the other areas, in addition to the pool and the SPA.

Guarujá, Brasil

400m² built-up area and 500m² site

Rua 141 + Zalc Arquitetura

Photographer:  Fran Parente