RUA 141 – A name that at first may sound just like an address, but represents way more than that. We understand the Street as being a connecting element present in all metropolis which connects different locations, creating a net composed of scales and distinct identities. It is also where people meet each other, and cultural exchanges and interactions take place.

This connection, represented by Street, is present both in the projects we develop and our social responsibility as an architectural office, not only as a part of our mission but is also shown through 141, our one-for-one business model. For each new project contract we sign, we provide another project to contribute to the development of disadvantaged communities.

The office develops projects inspired by the interactions between people and the metropolis. We believe in collaborative work and horizontal interpersonal relationships. We gather together professionals with distinct backgrounds and know-how that are always exploring new design possibilities. This working strategy allows the development of a richer in details and creative projects, apart from enabling the connection of professional with different hometowns.

The outcome is the unique development of each project that aims to meet each client needs. The work is carried out in a detailed and transparent manner from the project conception to the conclusion of the building.