apartamento jb

residential . 2023

In 2023, the family hired the office RUA 141 to do the renovation.
The project continued with the same style, respecting and valorizing, the first intervetion in 2012. The burnt cement floor in the social area was restored and the ribbed concrete slabs in the hall were stripped to keep the same concept of the social area. The led light facing the structure highlighted it in a delicate way. The painting by Gabriela Costa, Brazilian artist, composed with the huge sliding yellow door, creating a touch of color at the entrace of the apartment.

Brazilian designers´ furniture and objetcs with light and sophisticated
lines balanced the brutalist atmosphere, such as the delicate Bank table by Jader Almeida made of honed finish black marquina marble and metal structure and is lit by Jabuticaba pendant designed by Ana Neute, which seems to float in the space.

The drawing of the marine plywood shelf, which was in part of the social area and in the office, was extended to embrace the living and the dining room. It was projected in partnership with Baraúna woodworking, the same company which had done the previous shelf.

The metal elements were designed in this second phase of the renovation, bringing the lightness of the metal and reiforcing the industrial style. The sliding glass door, which separates and integrates the terrace with the social área, was projected to open the void completely. The metal benches counterpoint the brute concrete structure. The metal flowerbeds structuring the benches house the tropical vegetation, which brings life and natural texture to the apartment.

São Paulo, Brasil


Rua 141

Photographer:  Cacá Bratke