apartamento rz

residential . 2018

This is an example of a small size apartment with great utilization of space.  The integration of the balcony with the internal area was a premise for the development of this project concept. The materials and furniture selection have played an important role to make the connection between the rooms. Concrete, reclaimed timber, and metal are the protagonists. Giving a new usage for some of the materials, was also part of the concept. For instance, the waterproof truck cover taking place at the head bed and the gas pipes being used on the dining chandelier.


Apart from the selected materials, two key objects were exclusively designed for this apartment: the bench and the metallic full high shelving storage. The existing dining bench turns into a worktable, and the voids designed for the entire high metallic shelving connects the living room and the bedroom.  The joinery panels also have an essential role in concealing the laundry area.

São Paulo, Brasil


Rua 141 + Rafael Zalc

Photographer : Romulo Fialdini