exhibition dw


Exhibition has brought the discussion regarding a new way of living in the metropolis. In the space that we developed, this subject was approached in the way people commute, the urban space planning and the connection of territories through the technological advances. This wide range of places and cultural diversities that people go through in their lives end up having a significant influence in their way of living. Within this context, the freedom to travel, work and live in any city at any time becomes a premise for commuting around the world.


We came up with a creative idea to turn the space that was supposed to be used only as a traditional living area into a multi-usage room (office and living area). Through the usage of contemporary design mixed up with some vintage art pieces, we were able to bring to people’s minds different stories and eras fitted in one place. Through the use of virtual reality, people could visualize the space they were in different metropolis around the world. We developed the design of a couch with the reuse of some materials, as waterproof truck cover on the seats, coffee bags on the back pillows and vegetation as a part of the side cover.

São Paulo, Brasil

Rua 141 + Rafael Zalc